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Rathdaws Boat Services

Tired of that old bathroom or shower area? Limited for space?

Rathdaws is a forward thinking company,with a team of people who like yourselves are boaters, with you boaters always in mind.

While designing, building and fitting out our own boats, we realised the constant problems all boaters out there have, and this is why today Rathdaws was developed.

Costs, lack of materials and choices are always to the fore front when tackling any job on the boat, and we are no exception, it was through the lack of these we found a niche market for our own products, when we built The Lady Barbara, the simplest of things such as a bathroom. "How do you utilise the space?".  Well why not look at our shower pods and wetrooms.

The way we have overcome the lack of space and the concealed fitments make it a must to look through the web site, maybe you'll see some of the other useful things we have developed along the way.

Traditional ways are no longer the only option, we have combined some traditional, but we have given you the choice and chance to think outside the box, giving you the chance to develop your own designs and ideas, with the clever use of and extensive range of colours, adding other products to give a once traditional area the WOW factor, and so, giving you the incentive when moving into changing the other areas of your boat.  Maybe we could help there too?

Rowena on 07752111380 or David on 07535944721 are available at all times to take your call

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